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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Intoduction. A few words about the copyright of the posts in this blog.

In this blog English-speaking friends can read my interviews with some famous writers who kindly agreed to take part in the interviews for the Russian Book Review newspaper KNIZHNAYA VITRINA that is published in Russia and consequently in Russian language. But I think it would be unfair to conceal from the English-speaking public the Wisdom and Sense of my favourite and much respected writers only because their opinions were intended for the Russian readers and therefore were translated (by me) into Russian. The interviews will appear here only after they have been published in the KNIZHNAYA VITRINA, so all rights belong to the Book Review newspaper Knizhnaya Vitrina and myself (along with the authors who took part in the interviews) and all publications here in English as well as in Russian in the newspaper and its website may be reproduced, stored or transmitted, in any form or by any means, only with the prior permission in writing of the Editor and myself. Inquiries concerning reproduction outside the terms of the Copyright Law should be sent to the Editor at the address: Knizhnaya Vitrina, TOP-KNIGA, 1/1 Arbuzova Street, Novosibirsk; Alternatively Click Here to contact the Editor:


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